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Doberman DAD meets his 7 puppies for the first time!

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Now that the puppies are over 3 weeks old, it's time they come outside and meet their daddy! Family reunion time :D PITBULL DAD PLAYING WITH HIS PUPPY. Doberman Pinscher are Gentle Giants - Cute and GOOFY Doberman Dogs Videos Vines Compilations 2017. Strange Dog Keeps Coming To Nap At Her House.Then She Finds This Note On His Collar. Cesar 911. Funny And Cute German Shepherd Puppies #39 - Puppy Videos 2018. ♥Cute Dogs and Cats Doing Funny Things 2018♥ #7 - Funny Dog compilation. Baby elephant Lily meets her dad. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS ARE THE WATCH DOG FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Doberman / Rotweiller killers. Jack Russell father meets his puppies for the first time.

posted by perdepote48