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Diy wood fired pool heater

Crafty Clusterfarg

First I must credit the diversion valve idea to this gent. Here is the link to his vid. Check it out. He put a lot of work into it. I also must credit Larry Harpel. A mine ventilation and cooling engineer I work with for helping me devise this. One more thing. It is a lot harder to heat a large mass of water than most videos make it look. I had the fire going red hot inferno for most of the day which consumed "A LOT" of wood. About a pound of red fir per minute for 8hrs!!! For anybody looking to attempt this I would say it is going to be a waste of your time unless you have to money to create something with high efficiency and even then I still think your going to burn a lot of wood. Just put your pool away for the year or buy a hot tub.

For creative mayhem you will need this You will thank me. I'm serious. It will be the best damn tool you have ever owned.

Cheap led pool lights:

posted by lingundulm