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DIY SIM How To: Cut Micro-SIM To Nano-SIM Conversion (Google Pixel Target)

The Grok Shop

Precise Instructions on how to cut & convert your SIM card from a MicroSIM to a NanoSIM. You may want to do this to:

1. Speed up the process of using your new phone
2. Avoid the headache of acquiring a new SIM
3. Avoid the cost of acquiring a new SIM

Amazon Links:
Mitutotyo Calipers: http://geni.us/qLBHl
Mitutotyo Steel Ruler: http://geni.us/69ResUN
Scissors: http://geni.us/SnVmZ
Files: http://geni.us/s5sPb4
Sharpies: http://geni.us/jjrV9r

The template I used:
The A4 version:

I used the letter one, you should use the one according to what kind of paper you are printing on. Be sure to set it to print "actual size" in the print settings.

There are many other templates available.

Disclaimer: I assume no liability if you doink it up, so perform at your own risk! Worst case is you're back to having to acquire a new SIM & can't use your old phone til then.

If you are not sure about the SIM card sizes for your models, this site looks like a pretty good way to ascertain SIM card sizes for many different models: https://www.devicespecifications.com But, I can't vouch for their accuracy.

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