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DIY Puzzle Box - Can You Open It??

Tuan Djeems

What's up guys!
As some of you may notice I am trying to upload more often lately, sorry for the delay on this one! This is a puzzle box I saw in a video of grand illusions; trick opening boxes part 1. I really liked the concept and made my own and I also made a tutorial for you guys! It's insane for how cheap you can get the materials, I got mine all at the Action for under 5$. It is a lovely box to give to a friend, or to hide something in for yourself. No one was able to open it after I finished, while it took me only a second! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below. Enjoy!

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Music used:
Nicolas Heidlas Get Happy
Nicolas Heidlas Music

Check this guy out, he is not really big but makes awesome free music that you can use for all kinds of projects!

posted by busmanyp