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DIY Double Decker Bus tiny house conversion - Family of 8

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You're looking at a 47k lb, 13' 5.5" ft tall, 43ft long beast of a tiny home! The Everly family decided that time spent working, to take two weeks a year together, was off balance. With some research and a quick decision, they fell upon the doubledecker bus they had renovated to suit their family and fulltime travel.

This rig has two bathrooms with a separate indoor and outdoor shower! The kitchen has a farmhouse style with a deep sink, induction stove, and plenty of gear for outdoor cooking. The rooftop deck has a sturdy railing so the entire family can enjoy the views, including hammocks that can hang from the safety guards! The kids dominate a daytime play area that turns into the parents sleeping quarters at night. This crew is familyoriented and travel driven. What an adventure!


Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails

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