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DIY Automatic Fish Feeder

David Berthelette

Digitally programmable, custom automatic fish feeder for my tilapia
tank in my aquaponics system.

DC 12V LED Display Digital Delay Timer Control Switch Module

AC 110V Digital LCD Power Programmable Timer Time Switch

A 12-volt timer switch would be better. Then you can use the backup batter to power the timer. Automatic Fish Feeder for Pond Fishes. Automatic fish feeder DIY. Arduino Project Pet Feeder. DIY - Automatic Fish Feeder. Fish Mate P21. PetSolutions: Fish Mate Automatic Pond Feeder. Arduino powered automatic vacation fish food feeder testing. Understanding 12v DC Switches, Relays, Solenoids. Automatic Fish Feeder Giveaway. automatic fish feeder.

posted by lna1u2m1