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DiResta Garden Shed


Purchase Hitachi/Metabo HPT tools on Lowes.com:
- Hitachi 3.5-in 21-Degree Cordless Framing Nailer: https://low.es/2Qhjleb
- Hitachi 2.5-in 16 Roundhead Finishing Pneumatic Nailer: https://low.es/2QitQ11
- Hitachi 23-Gauge Headless Pin Pneumatic Nailer: https://low.es/2QfWcc4


Thank you Lowe's!
This was a fun one with the rain and mud I decided to make the shed inside and re assemble it in the location in my back yard. Was a good thing bc you can see the difficulty working in the mud!!! Thank you to Brett for kicking but and helping on this one!

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posted by Tyksaz6