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Diesel Newb Scared By 60+PSI AWD Launch!

Cleetus McFarland

The After Hours Diesel race truck is an absolute monster... seriously a freaking BEAST of a truck!

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Cleetus McFarland
6921 E St Rd 70
Bradenton FL 34203
United States of America Dale Truck Hits the STREETS! + Testing the 2-Step! GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Retired Cop Car! *Glorious Explosion*. How Can We Pass This Up? GREAT Price, Hayabusa Swap? Incoming BOOST... $8,000 Worth Of Parts For Leroy! Leroy's New Transmission is INSANE... So Worth It! (Faceplated T56). WE BROKE THE STICK SHIFT CORVETTE WORLD RECORD!!! UNREAL PASS! LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK TURNS! (seriously insane). Supercharging Leroy Ep.5 - IT'S SCARY FAST! (first drive). Pulled Over AGAIN! They Got Me This Time... Made It To Australia... Should I Impulse Buy This?? (It has an LS1!!).

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