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Did The Past Really Happen?


Greece is full of wonderful new things and wonderful old things. But when WE become old things, will our ruins also be tourist attractions?
**Sources and extra info below!!**

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Humorous/interesting videos about how future archeologists might interpret us:

VIDEO: “Beatles 3000”:

VIDEO: “Neil deGrasse Tyson On Manhattanhenge”:


“highway” vs “freeway”:

why are old things so often underground?:

“Motel of Mysteries” (great book I remember from when I was a kid):

Last Thursdayism:

Occam’s Razor:

Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword:

other razors:

Interpreting the past (including us, when we become “the past”):

This American Life on people in the future:

The 15th century wikipedia article:

conservation of energy:

history of perpetual motion:

Why old computers and consoles turn yellow:

the Second Law of Thermodynamics:

Heat Death of the universe:

Good entropy resources: Is Your Red The Same as My Red? Why Do We Dream? Where Is This Video? What If Everyone JUMPED At Once? How Many Things Are There? 4 Logical Paradoxes!! A Game You Can Always Win. ‌‌. 10 Pieces of Evidence Alternate Realities Exist. Could You Survive Home Alone?

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