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Dedicated to Polynesia

Jason Momoa

We as Polynesians are not separated by land but we are all connected by water and that is who we truly are.

Directed|Shot|Edited by Etienne Aurelius 40 Times Jason Momoa Was So Hot, We Almost Called the Fire Department. A very special night at the Aquaman LA Premiere! The Haka at LA Aquaman Premiere. Jason Momoa Training and Workout for Justice League. Conan Drinks A Pint With Jason Momoa & The Cast Of Aquaman - CONAN on TBS. The Weirdest Things About Jason Momoa's Relationship. Jason Momoa VS Chris Hemsworth Training For [Aquaman vs Avengers 2019] Who is Better? The Greatest haka EVER? Aquaman’s Director Breaks Down Jason Momoa's Fight Scene | Vanity Fair. Top 10 TERRIFYING Facts About MAORI WARRIORS.

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