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Day 1 of TX2K18 - INSANE Turbo Lamborghinis Set TX2K RECORDS in Roll Races!

Cars Across Texas

The first day of TX2K18 was great. Turbo Lambos, 2000 Horsepower GTRs, and tons of roll racing action! Leroy Rips an 8 With a NASTY Launch! (TX2K18 Day 1 Testing). BIG Turbo Civic vs TT Lambo - CRAZY Cash Days! High Power Cars Run the Streets of Houston Before TX2K18! The CRAZIEST Cars of TX2K18 Take Over a Meet! 1700HP Viper vs Texas Streets - The MOST SAVAGE Street Car we've seen! The last night at TX2K18.. 1000HP Shelby GT500 vs the WORLD + 870HP ZR1 vs Ford GT vs 1000HP Evo! TX2K12 - Crashes, Close Calls and Blown Motors. LAFERRARI SHUTS DOWN CAR SHOW!!! - Houston Coffee and Cars February 2018. TX2k18 Street car class, test and tune and some fast roll race exotics. TX2K 2018 (Leroy, La Ferrari vs. Porsche 918, and more).

posted by Dezzuto7z