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Dark Souls Animation - Not that hard


Pretty random video, just trying to experiment and learn new things. for watching.. All support is hugely appreciated :)

Music: Ballistic Biscuit (In Game Music) DARK MOMENTS Dark Souls parody (Produced by Ramadeth) ­. My Experience With Dark Souls : 8-Bit Animated Short. Deep Sea (Animation). Dark Souls: Dear Sister. Making Animation for INSTAGRAM! Adobe Animate. Cryman Devilbaby (a Devilman Crybaby Cartoon). Pinwheel the necromancer, Dark souls [Animated Lore]. Rick Reacts to Undyne the Undying vs Dragonslayer Ornstein | Speedpaint. 🎮 5 Totally Messed Up Influences of Video Game Mascots | Fact Hunt.

posted by triarlyviaddyr6