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Daniel 6: Surviving The Lions' Den

The Incredible Journey

There are many heroes in the Bible. Some are great warriors. But others are men of quiet faith – men who display their courage, not on the battlefield, but simply by their faithfulness to God. Daniel is such a man. In this program we’re going to consider his experience in the lions’ den. This is an inspiring story about courage and bravery, but most of all, about true faithfulness, about faith in God through all things, about faith that stood the test of time during a crisis.

Daniel 1 (The Captive): https://youtu.be/Iq3vDt2QKps
Daniel 2 (The Hand that Guides the Future): https://youtu.be/IIvFfqIR24Q
Daniel 3 (Faith in the Flames): https://youtu.be/KDWg3pESsMc
Daniel 4 (The King Who Ate Grass): https://youtu.be/FOH4JKAs_AY
Daniel 5 (The Writing on the Wall): https://youtu.be/lxJOYjkntVA
Daniel 6 (Surviving the Lion's Den): https://youtu.be/AyZyw9uZgtg
Daniel Real Life Superhero: https://youtu.be/0PwGagJvWjg

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