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Dachshund Pros And Cons | Should You REALLY Get A DOXIE?

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This video is about Dachshund Pro's And Cons, the good and the bad.
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Dachshunds are a dog breed that might have the most interesting personality and physical characteristics on the planet today. Their shape and size lead them to be called “wiener dogs” because they look like a sausage placed in a hot dog bun as they walk. This physical appearance is due to their extended length and low profile.

Because of their size and shape, it is imperative that these dogs not be allowed to become overweight. The additional strain that happens in that situation can lead to ruptured or slipped discs. You’ll get the pleading eyes, wiggling eyebrows, and perky ears to convince you that table scraps are an excellent dinner option, but you’ll need to ignore their begging. Cooked bones and foods with highfat content are a recipe for trouble with this breed.

A Dachshund has an incredible nose that can find food almost anywhere. Their intelligence is high as well, which means they’ll get into whatever is available to them at their level. You will want to always keep the food well out of reach to protect the health of your dog.

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