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Cute Welsh Corgi Puppies Video Compilation

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Cute Welsh Corgi Puppies Video Compilation.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners' primary training need is similar to that of other breeds.

That is, training your Pembroke to evacuate outside. Crate training is typically effective here.

The real challenge is curbing your Corgi's instinctual habit of heel nipping.

This action is a throwback to his herding days and a means to move cattle over great distances.

Your grandmother, however, needs no such prodding but she will surely get it.

The jury is out about whether a water spray bottle is an effective tool for curbing this nipping behavior.

Some Corgis hate this technique and the nipping is then compounded with aggression.

Another technique is to roll the Pembroke onto his back as soon as he nips.

This submissive position should be held until he is calm and understands the NO! command.

With luck, your Corgi will obey but don't dismay if he does not.

There are many training centers that specialize in this behavior so maybe professional trainers will find greater success.

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