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Cute Puppies Growing Up! Day 1 to Week 8 Puppy Transformation.

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Puppies growing up, the first 8 weeks of puppyhood.
Find out what happens step by step in these puppies transformation.
Video from each week explaining what happens during their development and growth. When do puppies open their eyes or start walking?
Puppies growing up from puppy to dog.
What happens the first eight weeks of puppies' lives?

On the first week the puppies will just eat and try to stay warm.
Second week their eyes start to open, they open on the 14th day.
That helps them regulate their temperature.

On the third week you start noticing that the puppies ears has opened and they start to hear you.
They also try to walk at around the third week and start playing more and more with their siblings.
On the fourth week they begin to eat real food and can walk properly so they are more independent. And socialize more.

All that makes it important that the puppies stay with their mother atleast eight weeks.

posted by umilian9w