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Cute Black Bear Cub Hand Raised After Being Orphaned

Barcroft TV

Cute Black Bear Cub Hand Raised After Being Orphaned


AN orphaned baby bear was left outside of a rescue centre when a kind hearted stranger found the cub hugging her dead mother. Tahoe the cub was left in a kennel on a driveway at the rescue centre after an anonymous tipster called to say she was there. The kind-hearted stranger was sparing with details but said he found the cub crying and hugging his deceased mother but could not leave her there. Staff at the Bear League in California have now cared for adorable Tahoe for nearly one month and will release her back into the wild next year. It is believed the man who called is the same person who dropped her off on April 16 because he knew the colour of her blanket and kennel she was left in.

Videographer / Director: First Track Productions
Producer: Dan Howlett
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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