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Crippled Airbus A380 saved by Pros! | Qantas flight 32

Mentour Pilot

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An Airbus A380 suffers a catastrophic uncontained engine failure on one of its 4 RollsRoyce engines. This sets off a chain of events that could have easily cascaded into a full blown catastrophe if it wasn't for the cool, professional and knowledgable handling by the 5 pilots and 24 cabincrew onboard. This is a masterclass in CRM and how things should be handled when sudden technical failures appears on the flightdeck. This is the story of Qantas flight 32 and all the little details that you need to know without the dramatic music of aircrash investigations.
I really hope this format I am trying in explaining famous air incidents from a pilots point of view. Please let me know in the comments below about what other incidents you would like me to cover.

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