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Craziest NBA Moments of 2018/2019 - Part 1


The craziest NBA plays and moments of the 2018/19 NBA Regular Season!

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My name is Max and I create NBA Highlight Mixes! I edit my videos a lot and professionally, usually 20+ hours for one video to make it special and unique. So I appreciate everyone who watches, likes and subscribes to my channel :D

Legal stuff: I am partnered with BBTV and the NBA Playmakers Network. I have the commercial rights (contract with NBA Playmakers) to upload the content on my channel.

All rights belong to the NBA Playmakers Network. I only use the provided footage and create unique videos with it. NBA's Best Plays | Week 5. NBA 'That Was Dirty' Moments. Best Of Golden State Warriors | 2018 NBA Season. Best Crossovers, Ankle Breakers and Crazy Moves! NBA 2018-2019 Season Part 2. LeBron James CLUTCH Moments Of 2018-19 Season! | FreeDawkins. Top 15 NBA In Sync Moments - Rare Synchronize Moments. NBA's Best Plays | Week 20. NBA 'Opponents Helping Each Other' Moments. NBA's Top 100 Crossovers of 2018. Kevin Durant Saves Warriors Legacy Like MJ!Warriors vs Raptors UNREAL Final Minutes!.

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