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Craw's Bow Accidently SKULLS on ME (ROCK PKING)


✅ Craw's Bow Accidently Skulls on me at Rev Caves, Rock Pking using the Ring of Stone for STEALTH.

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#OSRS #Runescape #Revs OSRS - Pking With Random Gear Ep. 20. The best pking trip ever, bank was made (#04). Never forget to protect item. Bob the Falador Guard goes on PKING RAMPAGE (Very Serious Documentary). I MADE OVER 70M WITH THIS METHOD... Loot Bag Mechanic helped me steal 170m from Pkers on Oldschool Runescape Pking. PKing in MAX Gear 1 Last Time on Runescape (300M+ Risk). The Dark Bow Assassins! (Revenant Caves Tribe Event). Fire Surge Rushing Pkers (NOBODY SURVIVES!) - OSRS Pure & Max Piety Pking. New Jagex Update, HCIM Gets What Hes Been After OSRS, He Cant Believe It OSRS.

posted by fetOccakeno