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Craw's Bow Accidently SKULLS on ME (ROCK PKING)


✅ Craw's Bow Accidently Skulls on me at Rev Caves, Rock Pking using the Ring of Stone for STEALTH.

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#OSRS #Runescape #Revs The best pking trip ever, bank was made (#04). Female Version Of Woox?, Tyler1's Brother Calls OUT B0aty On Stream! (BEST OF OSRS #412). Staff of Light SMITES my Opponents | No Honor (OSRS). Never forget to protect item. One Hour of Pking at Edge Lever with TeleBlock. The Best Way To Learn Pking in Runescape. One Hour of Taking a Noob Revs Pking. Everyone thinks it's safe here (They're wrong). One Hour of Chaos Ele with Full ARMA and Craw's Bow. My luck is unbelievable [#21].

posted by fetOccakeno