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Crash Someones Wildy Boss, Then Defeat Him [TYC 78]

C Engineer

Jag börjar bli utbränd. Jag hann precis släppa min veckliga TYC idag, men det finns risk att jag tar ledigt nästa vecka. xoxo Tom

Twitter: Killing Kree'arra without attacking it [TYC 32]. He decided to risk a Kodai Wand. Trolling Woox [TYC 22]. Teleporting 100 times to Bounty Hunter Targets. Safe an entire fight then tele [TYC P1]. Kill BigBicep when he's doing an intro [TYC 04]. HCIM Limited to PVP Worlds [93% HCIM]. HCIM Limited to PVP Worlds [99% HCIM]. Bronze dagger is stronger than Ahrim's Staff in PVP [TYC 11]. Bye Torvesta [TYC 10].

posted by eternautabu