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David Dobrik Too

Liza and I do the whisper challenge and we reveal some things we never knew about each other!! It gets intense!! and lots of whispers!

Welcome to David Dobrik Too!

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PO box 1535 hollywood, CA 90078 David and Liza cute snaps part 2❤️. DRIVING WITH DAVID (LIP SYNC). REACTING TO OUR CRINGEY VINES! w Liza Koshy. COUPLE TRYING JAPANESE CANDY!! CHARADES CHALLENGE! ft. Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, & Corinna Kopf. HE STOLE $5600 FROM US!! GOOGLING MY BOYFRIEND'S NET WORTH!! REACTING TO GIRLFRIENDS SONG FOR ME!! MY FIRST TIME!! NAKED DRUNK THOUGHTS! Following a Bob Ross Painting Tutorial with Liza.

posted by nojevik