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Country Style Ribs | How To Smoke Country Ribs Recipe


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Country Style Ribs on the smoker. For my country style ribs recipe, I bought both Loin cut country style ribs and shoulder cut Country Ribs (or western style ribs).

The first step is the seasoning these country style ribs. Layer on a combination of Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic powder on all sides and follow that up with a good dusting of The BBQ Rub. (you can get it here:'>'>'> ) Let the seasoning work on the country style ribs for a few minutes while you start the smoker.
I run my smoker for these country style ribs in the 275 range and use a peach wood for smoking country style ribs.

After 30 minutes, the rub has draw out a little moisture from the ribs; and to allow some of the seasoning to penetrate into the country style ribs.

First the country style ribs get smoked for 1 ½ hours. Half way through this process give each country style ribs a flip to ensure even cooking. You can check the internal temperature in the country style ribs at the 1:15 minute mark. When the ribs hits 150 degrees, that's about all the smoke these country style ribs need.

Now you braise these country style ribs iIn a small aluminum pan pour ½ cup of pineapple juice and mix in The BBQ Sauce. (you can get it here:'>'>'> ) Cover the pan with foil and place it back on the smoker.

Let the country ribs cook for another hour and check the tenderness and internal of around 195 degrees.

At this point the Country Ribs are cooked so remove from the pan and the country style ribs back on the grate of the cooker. Brush or mop each side with The BBQ Sauce (you can get it here:'>'>'> ) and let the ribs caramelize for 34 minutes on each side. Once you see the sauce bubbling and slightly turning colors, your country style ribs are done.

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