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Could The Legendary Mothman Actually Exist?

The Infographics Show

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Just this past June 2018, bartender John Amitrano was finishing his late-night shift at a local bar in Chicago when he stepped outside for some fresh air. Hearing a plane buzzing overhead, he looked up and was startled to find a second figure closely following the plane from beneath.
"I saw a plane flying, but also something moving really awkwardly under it," Amitrano said. "It didn't look like a bat so much as what illustrations of pterodactyls look like, with the slenderness of its head and its wing shape.”
While Amitrano's story is strange, dozens of other Chicago area natives have reported the same figure throughout 2018.
Welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show's Greatest Mysteries. The legend of the Mothman.

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