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Could Anti-gravity Really be Possible?

Curious Droid


Antigravity is one of those controversial subjects that some say is more in the realm of science fiction than science fact with many physicists saying it's just not theoretically possible while others are busy trying to find theories that would allow it to be possible.
In this video, we look at some of the things that we thought were antigravity but turned out not to be and what could be our nearest discovery with the vailidation of Einstein's predictions of space and gravity warping.

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Presented by
Paul Shillito

Written & Researched
By Paul Shillito

Images and footage : NASA, ESA, ESO, Boeing, Cambridge University, Claude Poher, Filipe V S, BBro, Lab Rat, Edemuz, Tek Nome, UToledoPhysAstro, www.iaa.csic.es, U.S. NAVY SEAL AND SWCC SCOUT TEAM

Music from the Youtube library
Mind And Eye Journey by Emily A. Sprague
Nidra in the Sky with Ayler by Jesse Gallagher
Dreaming Blue by Sextile
Timelapsed Tides by Asher Fulero

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