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COPS vs ROBBERS - Prison Escape from Barbie Jail - will Adley get caught by Police Girl?? (new game)

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

i just wanna eat chocolate but Police Mom keeps catching me!!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! I love chocolate!! And sometimes I eat a little to much!! So my mom thought it was a good idea to try and hide it from me!! When she went out of the room I found it and sneaked them out of the house! She found me and told me that she was going to hide them again and I needed to clean my room! After I did my chores, i snuck downstairs again and found the candy's hiding place! Mom found out and turned into police mom and put me in barbie jail!! Luckily I know how to sneak out and find the chocolate again! This game was so fun!

my last video RAINY DAY ROUTINE!! Adley and Dad play in the backyard skate park in a RAIN STORM! (dont get soaked)

my dad's last video BRAVE DOCTOR VISIT!! Adley needs a throat check up for her voice!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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