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Finally!! PROOF that Cops stop me for nothing!!! (VIDEO EVIDENCE)


I finally got it on video. It's hard to believe when I tell people I get pulled over all the time for nothing, well, this should debunk those non believers.
OH and I got my clutch installed. lol.


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If you haven't already, be sure to stop by my Instagram //@itsjusta6 COPS vs BIKERS | POLICE vs MOTO | COOL & ANGRY COPS | [Episode 70]. HOW TO SPOT COPS AND AVOID TICKETS! WE GOT SURROUNDED BY 6 COPS!! She Got Pulled Over Driving My Hellcat!! HILARIOUS🤣🤣!! LAMBORGHINI OWNER CHALLENGES POLICE ON TICKET! POLICE PULLED ME OVER IN MY HELLCAT & IT GOT HEATED!! Tucson AZ Police Officer Pulls Over His Chief. The Police MADE me install this on my truck! (Not happy about it). Here's why I drove 9 hours for a TRAILER.. Police Patrol stops at my Picnic Table to tell me this isn't my house; Lewiston, Idaho.

posted by eternautabu