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Cop doesnt know the law


I was pulled over by officer Rodriguez and officer Sexton of the DeLand, Fl Police Department after i was filming the 2 cops in this video. they tried to tell me to stop. I kept filming and then got in my car and was immediately pulled over and given bogus tickets. the cop tells me i have the option of not signing. then gives me a ticket for not signing. he never did allow me to sign the other 3 so they are void. and the one i signed was under duress because i was threatened with imprisonment and there were 2 officers there with there hands on their guns. there isnt even a statute or ordinance number on the "refusal to sign ticket". please send this video to every one you know and favorite it. thank you Police Telling Lies (Again). Police stops me while jogging then handcuffs me. Cop RUNS from Citizen - Citizen Gives CHASE - Goons Arrive! Cops Unable To Bully Woman Who Knows Her Rights. COP GETS SHUT DOWN TRYING TO BUST INNOCENT CIVILIANS FOR BIKE. How to Refuse a Checkpoint! Detained 'BECAUSE' the Constitution? Man Talks To Police Like A Boss. cops ask for ID and get laughed at. Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning. Cop gets owned.

posted by armuguetz0v