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Cop confrontation goes viral


The mayor and city manager in Rohnert Park, California, say they are investigating an incident where an unidentified officer drew his gun on a man recording him. Cops arresting Cops. Pulled Over by the Coolest COP EVER!!! Police stops me while jogging then handcuffs me. Intense confrontation over anti-police hat at Santa Ana council meeting. Alleged Intruder’s Dad Visits California Home to Apologize for His Daughter. Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED (with machine-gun and tactical gear). Man Calls 911 on Suspicious Cop, then Schools Him! Crowd surprises Rep. Ilhan Omar at airport with new chant. Cop RUNS from Citizen - Citizen Gives CHASE - Goons Arrive! Cop says we cannot ride our bikes/bmx, I lay down the law and tell him to beat it. And he does.

posted by titolokc