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Computer that SELF-DESTRUCTS if it’s HACKED!

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ORWL is a tamper-proof PC that will erase all your data if someone touches it the wrong way! Now that's cyber-security!

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Sound effects provided by $30 MOTHERBOARD?! – Can it game? Larger than Life Unboxing. Intel has NO idea what to do…. APRIL FOOLS 2017 - Server Room CATCHES FIRE While Filming! Linus got hacked!?!?!? - Honest Answers Episode 3. Booting Windows from an SD CARD??? Little Tech Shop of Horrors: Free Geek Vlog Part 1. PC Smaller than an SSD. Cherry MX Factory Tour - Linus & Luke do Auerbach, Germany. Final Verdict - $1500 Gaming PC Secret Shopper pt4.

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