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COLOUR WORDS: The astounding origins of 'blue' 'black' 'orange' 'red' u0026 other colors


Prepare to be amazed by the surprising origins of the English words for colours (or colors for our American friends). I promise you'll have at least one "wow" moment as I reveal:
Why the Ancient Greeks had no word for BLUE.
How the fruit "ORANGE" came before the colour.
◼ Why BLACK used to mean WHITE.
Which colour we named first (I've given you a hint)
Why there are two ways to spell GREY/GRAY
And much, much more.

Find out the etymologies of black, white, gray, blue, brown, green, orange, purples, pink, red and yellow from their origins thousands of years ago, through Old English and into the present day.

Let's enjoy some colourful language!
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0:00 Introduction
0:41 Colour & Color
1:26 Origin of BLACK
4:18 Origin of WHITE
5:10 Two spellings of GRAY/GREY
6:30 No word for BLUE
8:55 Italians and AZZURRO
10:01 Origin of BROWN
10:50 Origin of GREEN
11:35 ORANGE or norange?
13:07 Origin of PINK
13:27 Origin of PURPLE
14:18 Origin of RED
15:16 Origin of YELLOW
16:30 Goodbye

posted by Parmenideil