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Colleen Ballinger Published Her Song u0026 Claimed Us (Allegedly) - Off The Rails #78

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00:00 OTR into!
1:30 Love on Tacobell & Spicy Chip
6:57 Ethan on Philly D's New Video
16:40 Colleen Ballinger Claimed Our Video
37:30 Colleen Ballinger Cancelled Her Tour
39:08 This Shouldn't Be Allowed On YouTube...
1:01:25 New Jared Leto Cringe
1:05:00 Love Eats The Chip For The Frist Time
1:26:00 Lena vs 2 Chips
1:48:30 Crew Chatting About Games & Spicy Chip Recap
1:57:40 Jonah Hill's Leaked Abusive Texts
2:34:30 Young Actor Accuses Jonah Hill Of SA
2:59:40 Logan Paul Didnt Pay Up CoffeeZilla
3:03:50 Big Lawsuit Updates

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