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Southend Dog Training

Crate training is great for so many reasons but one of the best ways to aid in helping with Separation Anxiety is by properly crate training a dog.
The reality is, it’s very rare to see a dog that is crate trained that has also separation anxiety. It helps them feel safe, secure, it’s a place to relax, it’s a den like environment, natural to animals.

Other benefits to crate training:

Teaches structure and gets them use to your routine, wether it’s a pup or an older dog.

Becomes a safe haven they can go to, if things get a bit chaotic.

Helps with toilet training in pups

Becomes a place of relaxation, especially useful for dogs that struggle to switch off.

Teaches them it’s ok to be alone for periods of time.

Many organisations such as Vets, Groomers, kennels often use crates so it’s important to crate train your dog to help the experience at this places less stressful.

One of the most if not the most important reasons to crate train s dog though is in case of injury that requires surgery. If your dog has a major surgery they may need to be or should be crate trained to help with the recovery and to keep them less likely of hurting themselves this prolonging the recovery time.

You never know when you may need to use a crate so it’s worth crate training your dog, just to be on the safe side.

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posted by ostaklimh0