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Cockapoo Dog Breed Guide | Dogs 101 - Cockapoo

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Cockapoo Dog Breed Guide | Dogs 101 Cockapoo

It’s about time you know about one of the most joyful dogs on the planet. These dogs are often called “clown dogs”. But it’s not because of their looks. It’s because of their tricks, talents, and happiness. They sure know how to make people happy through the smallest ways.

Aside from their cuddly and adorable features, they are also intelligent and trainable. Believe it or not, they are performers in shows and competitions. Dog enthusiasts and breeders clamor over these dogs because of their uniqueness, charisma, and talent. But these are not the only characteristics that make the Cockapoo one of a kind.

Today, let's look into one of the funniest and most entertaining dogs the Cockapoo. Are you capable of caring for this breed? Tune in to find out.

The Cockapoo is a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Hence, their offspring can come out with different appearances. Some incline towards the looks of Spaniels while others look like poodles. The cockapoo comes in black, cream, white, brown, even red coat.

They either have long, wavy curls or short, curly locks. Unlike the Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo is a lowshedding hybrid. So, do you think you can care for these dogs? Let’s get to know them more.

00:00 Intro
01:39 History
02:42 Other Names
03:16 Size
04:24 Personality
05:04 Pet Compatibility
05:37 Temperament
06:15 Family Life
06:59 Children Compatibility
07:34 Owning a Cockapoo


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