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Matt Harnacke

As spring is around the corner, the temperature is going up! This has made life for bear a little bit sweaty, its time to get rid of the extra hair and see what colour is underneath. MY NEW STALLION ARRIVES. HORSE SAFARI IN AFRICA... close wildlife encounters* Part 2. 2 BOYS TRY AND GIVE THEIR TACK ROOM A MAKEOVER. HORSE HAIRCUT | Clipping my horse MYSELF for the first time... | This Esme. PONY SWAP! | Groom, Tackup and ride with us | This Esme. DRESSAGE HORSE TRIES WALKER PART 1|| MATT HARNACKE. HORSE SHOPPING GONE WRONG... THE TRUTH (vet check). PONY TAKES OFF WITH CARRIAGE. How I clean my white horses | This Esme. FINDING THE BEST BIT FOR YOUR HORSE.

posted by antimoniol4