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Classic Mini - Review 2013

Jake Barrett

Here is a brand new video reviewing one of the most legendary cars in british history, the Classic Mini! Filmed around the West Midlands and Staffordshire, the video summarises the cars performance and we bring it back to it's roots as well as it's hometown, Birmingham!

Hope you enjoy the video and any feedback would be appreciated!

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With thanks to Craig Ludgate and Calum Wilkes.

This is a non-profit making production, purely a personal project.

WE DO NOT HOLD ANY OF THE RIGHTS TO FOOTAGE OF THE ISETTA BUBBLE CAR, JOHN COOPER OR OLD FOOTAGE OF THE MINI USED IN THIS VIDEO. This Is Why You Own A Classic Mini. C20XE Swap Carbon Mini Build Project. Classic Mini Cooper with Newtons interior walk around. A Striking Austin Morris Mini 850 Super Known as Mini ‘Electric Blue’. SOLD! Classic Mini Restoration! 31/08/2013. Supercharged 1963 Mini Cooper S - this bad boy's LOUD! Classic MIni Cooper 1.3i For Sale. 1979 Austin Mini VTEC Turbo - At 2013 MegaSpeed Show. Driving a vintage Mini Cooper. MINI COOPER 1991 REVIEW.

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