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Chub - 8 Month Old Hangin Tree Cowdog

Dagley Ranch

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Chub is an eightmonthold Hangin Tree Cowdog out of Wilcox’s Slate and Dagley’s Annie. He was bought as a pup, and his new owner had him going to stock really good. But she decided she’d like me to put some training on him.

Here I was demonstrating his progress when they came to pick him up.
Although I am using commands with Chub, I am also using a lot of body language to communicate with him.

I’ve found pups develop differently, and at different ages. So, I will adjust my training as I see how sensitive the dog is and what I think it is ready to learn. Training is not a one size fits all program. It is getting to know each dog, learning what that dog needs to work on, then figuring out how to teach that to the dog in a way it understands.

I am very happy with where Chub is at eight months. He has the grit and drive to work all day, and is showing a lot of ability to read cattle.

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