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CHRISTMAS ~ SUGAR COOKIE DECORATING TUTORIAL | How to decorate Christmas cookies with royal icing

The Graceful Baker

How to decorate a whole set of mini Christmas cookies with royal icing in real time!

Techniques covered in this video:
One consistency outline and flood
Pressure piping/flooding with soft peak piping consistency
Flooding in sections
Knit/sweater technique
Crinkle and flat parchment paper technique
Wet on wet technique

Time stamps for each cookie design in the video:
00:11 santa
2:16 blue ornament
4:14 Christmas light bulb
5:41 star
7:19 gingerbread house
10:55 tree
12:30 jagged snowflake
14:42 elf
15:57 snow globe
18:18 Merry Xmas tag
20:43 stocking
22:40 present
25:43 mitten
28:55 gingerbread man
31:07 green ornament
33:37 mug
36:16 plaid tag
38:45 reindeer
40:40 hat
42:13 bell
44:25 snowman
46:56 candy cane
48:56 sprinkle snowflake
51:13 holly


Dehydrator: (affiliate link)

Tipless bags: Borderlands Bakery

Cookie cutters from Brighton Cutters in the chunkier size (also available in the smaller advent size):
Set 1:
Set 2:
Set 3:
Set 4:

Cookie swivel:

Tweezers (affiliate link):

The Sugar Art products for this set:
* use code THEGRACEFULBAKER15 for 15% off your order from The Sugar Art!
DiamonDust in white:
DiamonDust in gold:
Master Elite in black:
Master Elite in blueberry:
Master Elite in autumn gold:
Pink cheeks The Sugar Art Cecylia Rose:

PME black pearls: https://grunderfullydelicious.myshop...

Black marker:

Edible black paint:

Sanding sugar in white:

Brushes: (affiliate link)

Scribe: (affiliate link)

The Sugar Art my favorite for:
* use code THEGRACEFULBAKER15 for 15% off your order from The Sugar Art!
Sterling Pearls (metallic dusts like gold):
DiamonDust (edible glitter!!):
Elite color (powdered food coloring for painting and dry dusting):
Master Elites (highly pigmented powders for coloring icing...a MUST for red and black!!):
***Please note: my LEMON royal icing recipe does NOT work with all of the Master Elite colors due to the acidity of the lemon juice a VANILLA (nonlemon) recipe is best used for the Master Elite pinks, otherwise I use all of their other colors with my lemon recipe (I use Wilton pink with my lemon recipe)

Music: "Once Again"

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