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Chihuahua puppy and American Bulldog's heartwarming interaction

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A fearless chihuahua puppy has no problem making friends with this gentle and loving American bulldog. After confusing the bulldog's tail for a chew toy, the puppy engages in some precious playtime with its new buddy.

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For licensing, please email Buddy the Chihuahua pup. Chihuahua puppy sees others playing with his toys.. you'll never believe what happens next.. Big American Bulldog reacts to new puppy in his house. Cute And Funny Chihuahua Puppies Videos Compilation - NEW HD. Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby | Dog is the best nanny of Baby. Chihuahua Puppies. Crazy American Bulldog wants to tell me something... German Shepherd comforts newborn goslings. 10 Abnormally Large Dogs In The World. Puppies Play With Daddy Dog | Funny Dogs | | Viral Video To Laugh.

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