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Chef Lion...Best Japanese Teppanyaki Chef Ever...Stockbridge (South Atlanta) Georgia.

Fat Cat

This Chef "Lion" is by far the most entertaining (Japanese) Teppanyaki chef I've witnessed. He's hilarious and keeps his audience on their toes with his wit and jokes. He will keep you amused while preparing a great meal. I really look forward to witnessing his craft each time I visit with friends and family. ATL I-75 South... Eagles Landing, Stockbridge GA. Best Japanese Chef In The World. Funny Chef Mount Fuji, New York. Teppanyaki in Osaka - Food in Japan. Shogun Hibachi - Best Japanese Hibachi Chef (Folsom, CA) HD. $144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan. Best Teppanyaki Show Compilation 2016. Samurai's Hibachi Chef Dan. Shiro of Japan Hibachi, flames, rice tossing, stunts, jokes, cooking, Amazing! Hibachi Show, Brooklyn, New York City. Meeru Island resort. Teppanyaki Restaurant.mp4.

posted by probatest8