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Checking out the worlds cheapest Supercars at Copart Auto Auction. lamborghini samcrac


First video, Inspecting Supercars at copart! Will be doing Many more Uploads! Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ Project car coming soon! Stay Tuned!

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Special thanks to my favorite youtubers who inspired me:
Samcrac, Tavarish, B is for build, TJ Hunt, Boosted Boiz, effspot, Stradman, Vehicle Virgins, Streetspeed717, faze rug, mrbeast, salomondrin, superspeedersrob, doctam3, bigkleib34, tommyfyea, engineering explained, doug demuro, evan shanks, dailydriven exotics Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA 'TIME ATTACK'. A Rare 700HP WRECKED Bentley Showed Up at the Salvage Auction CHEAP! How Much Should I Bid? Copart: Totaled supercars with almost NO DAMAGE sell cheap. Copart Rebuild Projects! I Bought a TOTALED Porsche For $500 at Salvage Auction SIGHT UNSEEN! BUYING A CRASHED NISSAN GTR IN DUBAI. I bought a FLOOD Car from the Salvage Auction REALLY CHEAP *BAD Idea*. I Found a RARE Manual BMW at Copart That We Should BUY! CHEAP 6 Speed! Should I Bid On Post Malone's WRECKED Rolls Royce at Salvage Auction?! OKC Copart Auction Walk-around Day! 6-5-18 + BIG NEWS! Craziest Salvage Auction Finds Ever! Ferrari Enzo, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder.

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