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Chain Burger Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best


If you’re a hamburger lover, the choices are endless when it comes to chain restaurants. From fast food to sitdown restaurants, you can find a burger pretty much everywhere, but they are not all the same. Obviously, everyone has their favorite, and this list won’t change that, but maybe it will lead you to check out a new place. Some burger places are a bit inconsistent, while others are consistently terrible, but there are a few that stand above the rest. You may have to travel for some of these, but it’s worth it. Here’s our ranking of chain burger restaurants, from worst to best.

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Sonic DriveIn | 0:00
Fuddruckers | 1:07
Dairy Queen | 1:54
White Castle | 2:24
A&W | 3:04
McDonald's | 3:53
Rally's/Checkers | 4:54
Johnny Rockets | 5:38
Carl's Jr./Hardee's | 6:33
Jack in the Box | 7:10
Red Robin | 7:59
Burger King | 8:58
Fatburger | 9:43
Steak 'n Shake | 10:30
BurgerFi | 11:20
Smashburger | 12:07
Wendy's | 12:50
Shake Shack | 13:33
Whataburger | 14:27
Five Guys | 15:13
InNOut Burger | 16:01
Culver's | 16:45

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