CES 2018 - The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!

Dave Lee

CES 2018 has some neat stuff! Here's some stuff i got to see on the first day. Micro LED TVs, Ultra thin laptops, Nvidia BFG Displays. 2018 looks like it'll have some ripe tech. Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs S9, LG G7 delays & more - Pocketnow Daily. iMac Pro vs. Alienware Threadripper! What is USB-C? It's Not As Simple As You Think! Toyota | CES 2018. My Favorite Phone of 2017! This $200 Phone Seems Too Good to Be True... Here's Why the Maserati Levante Just Isn't Worth $80,000. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen hands-on at CES 2018. The Square-Sum Problem - Numberphile. CES 2018: The Ujet is an electric scooter with some European flair.

by Dave Lee

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