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Cat Teased By Squirrel One Too Many Times


There is one squirrel in our yard who has noticed my cats sitting in the window watching them every day and has the audacity to get right up to the window and tease the cats. The squirrel taunts them daily and scratches the window right in their face.

In an effort to help the squirrel understand exactly who he is dealing with I opened the window so that he could see and smell the cats and realize just what he is challenging. Well Mr. Squirrel was not so brave and would keep his distance, for a while. But then Mr. Squirrel started becoming a bully again and started getting more and more brazen in his tactics. Well to my chagrin my youngest cat takes matters into his own paws and shows that squirrel, and all the other squirrels just who they are dealing with.

This is a daily entertainment that has evolved over the past several months and finally reached new dimensions this week.

I think my cat's New Year resolution is to be WINNING.

posted by waterlily702xc