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Cat mom hugs baby kitten


thanks to for being the first to write about this video and to for making it viral. And for all nice comments as well. :)

lots of comments on video, cant read them all but a lot are spam and nasty - thats why they are now disabled, sorry. Mom cat talking to her kittens. Talking Kitty Cat 48 - The Random Gibsons. PETS vs VETS; who will win? - You'll LAUGH more than you should! Cat And His Favorite Girl Are Unstoppable | The Dodo. Cat and owl playing - Fum & Gebra - Perfect friendship! Cat Mom Cuddle With Her Kittens. Giving Kittens an Oopsie-Poopsie Butt Bath. Little Kitten So Tired. Cutest vid ever!!! Hand feeding Hummingbirds. The two talking cats.

posted by Darmbein7l