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Leon Andrew Razon Compilations

This is a compilation of great reactions from your favorite fans and reactors to Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel Official Trailer. Captain Marvel will be in theaters March 2019. #CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #ReactionsCompilation

Link to the original Marvel Entertainment trailer: Entertainment

Videos of amazing fans and creators that made the compilation possible, watch their full screen reactions from those links:

The Reel Rejects -
MackeyFam Reacts -
Nope or Dope Reviews -
MechaRandom42 -
Melvin Taylor II -
Beyond The Trailer -
The Fortress -
TheFilmJunkee -
Mama's Geeky -
Purp TheMayor -
RJ Snow -
Movie Meals -
DeadPOOLParty -
Two Idiots Review -
Shazne InQuiver -
Aly Reacts -
Pop Culture Cult -
Hollywood Holguin -
News To Astonish -
JosiahRises -
E & S Productions -
Tari Brown -
The Nerdy Jules -
KCW Studios -
Crazy Amanda Reacts! -
GETJaby -
Pure Pixels -
Late to the Party -
The Movie Couple -
ch4sed -
ComicBookCast2 -
RobTheFiasco -
Durbania -
C-Reel Productions -
John Master Lee -
Poijz❄ -
Chris Gullick -

Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe, click that bell notification, like and comment down below. have a good day. Marvel Studios Captain Marvel Special Look Reaction. Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel Special Look Reaction. NEW Captain Marvel trailer 3 reaction. Captain Marvel Special Look | Our Reaction. Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer. Avengers Endgame: Gran Spoiler de Capitana Marvel revelado. HYPE! Captain Marvel - Official Trailer REACTION!! Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Reaction & Thoughts. Captain Marvel - Audience Reactions (Spoilers!!). Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Special Look- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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