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Canon R5 II LEAKED: Sorry Sony :(

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

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Tony Northrup shows leaked specs of the new Canon R5 Mark II from These include a 61 megapixel sensor, 30 frames per second (with the electronic shutter) or 12 FPS with the mechanical shutter. It's also getting PixelShift, which almost every other manufacturer has already offered. Tony compares the leaked specs against the current Canon R5, the Sony a7R V, and the Nikon Z9.

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Squarespace Promo
1:12 Camera prices have TRIPLED
2:25 Canon R50 LEAKED
2:59 Canon R8/R9 LEAKED
4:58 Canon R5S LEAKED
5:41 Canon R5 Mark II LEAKED
12:21 Canon R5 vs Canon R5 Mark II
13:13 Sony a7R V vs Canon R5 Mark II
14:20 Nikon Z9 vs Canon R5 Mark II
15:26 Squarespace Promo

posted by avultara8