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CAN YOU TRAIN A WOLF? كيف تدرب الذئب

Animal Watch

Anneka meets Natalie Lagstrom of Watermill Wolves who trains wolfdogs for the film and TV industry as alternatives to full blood wolves. Anneka learns from her the techniques to gently guide low, mid and higher content wolfdogs into training for agility, film acting and day to day in the house behaviour.
Also featuring Captin Khaled, Iraqui dog trainer of YouTube channel خالد K9 who trained a wolf saved from the exotic pet trade which was aggressive and unhappy and turned him around with gentle positive techniques.
Anneka also discusses Andrew Simpson of Instinct Animals for film who trained Ghost for Game of Thrones and also a pack of Mongolian wolves for Wolf Totem:

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Presented, Narrated and Produced by By Anneka Svenska

Filmed by Ellen Hope Cobb, Anneka Svenska, Tom Ross, Dominic Houghton and Agata Rucin.

Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

A GreenWorldTV Production


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