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CAN YOU FIX A DEAD CAR BATTERY? - How to rebuild a car battery DIY Fix a Dead Battery

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Can you fix a dead car battery? Yes, you can, well sorta! In this video HOW TO REBUILD A CAR BATTERY for UNDER $5 BUCKS we see how some baking soda and Epson salts can fix a Dead Car Battery Fix and Revival of a Dead Battery.

This didn't work the first time for me when I tried to rebuild a car battery in my 1967 Porsche 912/911, it took a few tries before I found that it takes about 8 to 10 ounces of epson salts per liter of distilled water to get the right mix.

But fixing a dead car battery isn't hard to do, but the time it takes to recharge or rebuild a car battery it might be better just to buy a new battery. This process takes several days, and if you need your car sooner, then by all means just buy a new battery and maybe keep your core (old) battery as a back up and follow these steps to rebuild a car battery.

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posted by Cameroh3