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Can You Change Poor Line Manners in an Older Dog?

Bill Hillmann

Bill Hillmann describes how to retrain an older dog to SIT.
The complete process is shown in the DVD called "Traffic Cop,"
available at
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What about dogs that are 3, 4, or 5 yrs old that really have never been taught to SIT.
They've been corrected for not sitting a lot. They are sitting only momentarily, with their
butt up off of the ground and they are not sitting well with major distractions, like a shot
flyer or a kitten running across in front of them. Bill says you can change that but it takes a lot of work. He demonstrates how to get the dog excited, then you make him SIT, then you begin
reinforcing the SIT command with the remote trainer with a very low number. He demonstrates how to carry this out reinforcing a command they already know.

posted by aspics57